A strange occurrence in the status quo of our solar system has created a crack in space and time. A parallel reality now runs alongside the world we know. Small blips and visions of this other dimension have become visible to a few devoted followers of the six symbols.

An alternate version of the Barclay Crenshaw album has been discovered as one of the first musical messages to break through. Unusual versions of the record have presented themselves from the other side. Names like Eprom, Salva, Bleep Bloop, Deebs, Om Unit, Persian Empire and Nozu have been mentioned in the report.

But an even stranger occurrence is the appearance of a new piece of music not associated with the original record; possibly suggesting that deviations in space are able to generate completely new results. This affair has come from bizzaro versions of Mad Zach and Barclay Crenshaw working together.

Be warned! Listening to this release could have long-term repercussions on your well being and your perception of reality.

In 1884 an explorer found some artifacts suggesting that an alien race has visited the earth and abducted a large group of its children and then returned them a few days later. There are no records of what happened to the children or who they were or even if they returned in the same shape as they left.

The only clues to these strange occurrences are in the cryptic art and music left behind. With every release, the cosmic manifesto at the heart of the Barclay Crenshaw project reveals itself further...

Transmission 003 Mixtape


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